April, 2006


Hey Everyone!!!  So sorry we have not updated in forever!!! All of Palmer's check ups have been GREAT. She is  in the up coming performance of "Coppellia" (a ballet) and she is Coppellia in the performance. We are so excited for her, check out www.waballet.org. She is getting ready to finish the school year in a few weeks and is dancing 4 nights a week plus performances, it is hard to believe what she was doing one year ago and now she is so active. Our family is so Blessed and so thankful for your continued prayers for Palmer and our family. I am trying to get some new photos on the site so you all can see how much Palmer has changed. Please pray for Marc Daniels, he was recently diagnosed with throat/tongue cancer. Marc is special to our family, he was the one who made all the bumper stickers for Palmer and then for all the kids on 3 gold. He has a caring bridge website www.PrayforMark.com. Check it out!
Stay stong in the Lord!


Lori Ann





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