November, 2005


      Morning all. We are headed for Little Rock this morning for Palmer's monthly check-up. She will do blood work, CT scan, and possibly have her CVL (Central Venous Line) line removed. Going back to Children's it all becomes real and tangible. We are so thankful Palmer is where she is, yet there are so many who are fighting the battle. So many special children and families we have met this year at ACH. Keep you posted. Thank you. -- Palmer's Dad




        We had a wonderful weekend with my side of the family at DeGray State Park. We enjoyed the wooded setting and the cool overcast weather. We arrived home to some very sad news. One of the families we shared our lives with at Childrens from our area lost their only child on Friday night. Trey had leukemia and had relapsed and had been fighting to get ready for a bone marrow transplant. Trey underwent the transplant and was in San Antonio in ICU and faced numerous complications including lung and liver function.  Please pray for David & Dayla and for "peace that passes all understanding ". We are thankful to have knownTrey. We are thankful to Dayla for encouraging us while we where on the floor at Childrens with her trust and strength of faith.




     Hi guys. Thank you for continuing to check on Palmer. She is doing fantastic. She is back to dancing three nights a week. Palmer, Baker & Sutton are all rehearsing for the Nutcracker December 10th. Hayden had a high school swim meet in Springdale tonight. We all went to Jars of Clay concert the other night. We have resumed our hectic schedule and life feels almost normal. I awake each morning smiling and thanking God for Palmer's health and presence in our family. We have learned so much this year and have daily seen the goodness of God in our lives. We are travelling this weekend to see my family. We are all all rendezvousing at DeGray State Park here in Arkansas. We also are looking forward to some down time through the Thanksgiving holiday. This Thanksgiving will be sweeter than we have ever known. I will try to stay more current with updates. Blessings to all who read this and who love and pray for us. Many are still fighting the fight. Please update and lift them in prayer also. See all the links at www.PrayforChase.com . 

Psalm 27:13-14 I am still confident of this I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.



       Hello. We had a wonderful clinic visit and end of treatment party. We got to see so many families and kids we have meet along our journey. It was surreal to be there celebrating end of Palmer's treatment. We had watched others do so from behind the glass, when Palmer was in the hospital. We where thankful to be celebrating but our hearts ached for families and kids just a few feet away who where fighting for the lives in the fight against childhood cancer. We where rested and realxing while so many where wrestling for the lives of their children. When you are in the hospital you meet the kids who are battling, the kids who are doing great you don't see because they are living life. You meet the children and families who are either newly diagnosed, in treatment, or are relapsed and fighting again. The children and families we have meet at ACH have forever become part of our lives and story, we will never be the same and may we never take the blessing of faith, family, life, health, generosity, and encouragement for granted.

I plan to have new pictures up this week. Check out "In the News" to the left if you have not seen it. Thank you for your love, prayers, generosity and kindness. The Richardson 6






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